Primebeef Academy is a combination of state-of-the-art butchery, culinary inspiration, menu creativity and extensive knowledge about beef. We welcome everybody to our community of top notch chefs, highly skilled butchers, passionate meat lovers and enthusiastic foodies.
Are you ready for the real PRIMEBEEF experience? Open up all of your senses: watch, listen, make, taste! Engage yourself in cutting-edge butchery, learn more about "nose-to-tail" philosophy and NAMI Meat Buyer's Guide specifications. Work closely with prime and underutilized cuts while celebrating the whole animal.

Delicious diversity...
You will not only master the classic grilling techniques but will have a chance to learn and practice new cooking methods and flavor trends from around the world. Discover how to conjure magic from the flames.
Constant progress…
PRIMEBEEF Academy is committed to creating extraordinary culinary experiences with the skillful and qualified chefs and butchers — the masters of their craft.
We will never stop evolving because embracing innovation and staying up to date with changes is the key to success.
Specialized courses and master classes
Feel free to write and call us. We would love to communicate with you!
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